The Composite Decking Market is Growing

The composite decking market is expected to continue to grow through 2020.Composite decking continues to gain momentum as homeowners turn to these quality materials to improve their outdoor living spaces. Market Watch has estimated that the composite decking and railing market will grow from its current value of $1.7 billion to $3.09 billion by 2020. These decks are known for their strength and stiffness, making them ideal components for long-lasting outdoor living projects. In addition to these qualities, a number of drivers are leading the surge in interest.

A Durable, Low-Maintenance Option

The durability of composite decking allows it to withstand extreme temperatures, from blizzard conditions to scorching sun. Composite decks are low-stress and low-maintenance, requiring very little attention compared to other materials. Homeowners can spend more time enjoying their outdoor living spaces instead of constantly taking care of them. Composite decking and railing come in a variety of colors and styles to suit whatever outdoor projects a builder has in mind. 

"Composite decking can withstand blizzard conditions and scorching sun."

"Greenest" Decking

Another driver for composite decking's success is its status as a green product. Recycling waste products to create decking materials allows manufacturers and builders to cut down on environmental impact. Trex Company, in addition to being listed as a key player in the market., has been honored by Green Builder Media's Readers Choice Awards as the "greenest" decking provider and the preferred option for environmentally-friendly builders, contractors and architects. CNN Money praised Trex's green principles and its practices of turning plastic waste like newspaper sleeves and sandwich bags into high-performance outdoor living products.

The Leader in Composite Decking

As the world's largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing, Trex has enjoyed phenomenal success among builders. In 2015, Trex swept Peninsula Publishing's Brand Survey, coming out on top of the decking category among readers of Builder & Developer, Green Home Builder, Residential Contractor, Builder Bytes and other professional publications. Readers praised Trex decking for it's combination of high performance and beauty. As the composite decking market grows, more builders are turning to Trex to create beautiful, relaxing and long-lasting outdoor living spaces.