The siding you choose can help color last longer

Durable siding can be important for maintaining colors.

Everyone knows that attractive colors can be a huge boost to a home's value. What might not be as apparent is exactly how much value color adds, and which colors are going to be the best choices. There's also the siding itself to consider, since it needs to be high-quality for the home's exterior to endure.

The current color trends

Zillow recently announced the results of its 2017 Paint Color Analysis, looking at various tones and the places where they shine the most. Among the findings was the discovery that a slate gray or navy blue door added $1,514 to a home's price and that a mixture of grey and beige used on the exterior corresponded with a major increase in value.

Taken together, these points seem to suggest a market for homes with lightly colored surfaces that leave space for more accents on doors, windows, and other features. At the same time, it's dangerous to assume too much about what color makes the most sense for any one home, since there are several variables at work.

A Building Design + Construction article made this point for commercial buildings, saying that the most fitting color choice can depend on season and location as much as taste, as well as any sort of symbolism or relevant connection.

However, the source noted that the combination of strong accents and a neutral background is popular, affirming Zillow's point. With the appropriate siding and the desired color, a home project can feel more complete and ultimately be a better representation of the resident.

Siding and visual appeal

Even a simple exterior color choice requires effective siding. There are several important points to evaluate before choosing one type of siding over another, and all of these may affect the overall visual appeal.

  • Compatibility: The siding should match the rest of the home, including the exterior trim - not just in terms of color but style as well - and should ideally be easy to install.
  • Range: The brand you choose can give you more to work with if it already boasts a wide color library. CertainTeed Vinyl Siding has many colors to choose from, all with the same certification and promise of long-lasting quality.
  • Strength: The specific threats facing a home's exterior vary depending on location, but it should always be able to withstand the elements, including high winds and rain, and be resistant to damage in general.
  • Texture: What kind of style does the siding have, and does it match the desired shade? Pieces designed to simulate wood, for example, may look slightly different and have their own extra detail that makes the building stand out overall.

The exact color you'll need in any condition is hard to determine, but the need for long-lasting material is always present. Amerhart offers CertainTeed products as part of its extensive catalog, and can help you make choices for the ultimate good of the home.