What trees and debris can do to siding

A downed tree can bring damage to a home.

As we move further into the stormy summer season, building a tough home exterior should be on every contractor's mind. While you can make a lot of choices that will protect a house in general, some specific threats deserve equally specific material.

Consider, for example, the danger of stray trees or scattered debris. In a windy storm, these natural missiles can cause anything from minor cosmetic damage to broken windows or even more serious destruction. With that, it makes sense to use the next months to focus on these specific risks and the improvements that will work around them.

From a certain standpoint, this might seem to be the same thing as hail damage. The obvious difference is the role that location plays, since every home will have varying chances of damage based on how close these forces of weather are to it.

Although property owners usually have to do the collecting and cleaning themselves, it can help to have to a home that's ready to withstand the elements already. And that can mean putting equally durable siding all over the home to be extra careful, especially in the season when updating homes is a relatively commonplace activity.

The Environmental Protection Agency has guidelines for dealing with debris after a disaster, which include gathering and burning the material in a way that coordinates with local official programs. Tree trimming is also recommended for homeowners, even if they have the necessary siding to withstand debris impact. All the same, strong siding stands out and can still be the answer to the residents who worry about weather damage.

To meet this need, choose Aurora steel siding from Rollex. It boasts numerous features that make it ideal for standing up to debris and tree damage, as you can read here.

  • Curb appeal: This brand of siding isn't just designed to be sturdy, but also to look good in one of several colors with a low-gloss finish. This could make residents more excited about the siding, while also adding immediate value to the home.
  • Quality protection: In addition to the siding's strength, the material is designed to endure wear and keep its luster without fade or chalking. It can also help owners make their way through storms without seeing their siding experience other types of degradation, such as cracking or peeling and even hurricane winds, while also providing a low level of maintenance. The 50-year hail coverage in the warranty leaves owners feeling better about their investment.
  • Small debris are less of a problem: We've already talked about big damage, but what about the problems of smaller pieces? Aurora siding comes with the Nova-UVX4000 Finish 4mula™, which makes it easier to deal with smaller bits of dirt that get caught under the siding. Such material can be less obvious but still cause a problem, which is why easy washing is another benefit.

Before storms happens, your home should have appropriately resilient siding in place. After it passes, you'll still have a long-lasting product that continues to provide value and look great.