Why a consistent style can do wonders for a home

Using consistent siding can make a home look whole.

It's possible to make an exterior with different materials, but it's always important to think about consistency. There's several advantages of laying out a home with the same siding or trimboard:

  • Coloring: If you want a specific color scheme, you can find the product that uses it and install it so the entire home feels unified. CertainTeed vinyl siding, for instance, has many different distinct colors to choose from and stands out with the biggest color library among its competitors. Picking this siding means you can have the same look across the home.
  • Easy ordering: When it all comes from one provider, you can take care of your installation with less stress.
  • More realism: Enhance the effect of using cedar-style siding or other forms by attaching it to the whole home. Textures and other distinctive elements can look better when they're all similar.

To illustrate this last point, we can look at a recent post from Realtor.com. In a list of some decisions that can hurt curb appeal, the article addressed the problems of using mismatched materials. Whether it's an exterior that doesn't fit the interior or a home that looks incomplete, an onlooker can come away from a home with a bad impression if there's not a cohesive overall design.

However, consistency alone isn't always going to make a home look good. The source also pointed out the problems of using the same material across the entire home. It can leave a home looking like a "barren wasteland." Instead, it seems the best choice is material that all matches but still brings real visual interest, along with a low financial impact as well.

The big target should be the overall effect, not just what will work for specific sections of the home."

When getting ready to boost curb appeal, then, the big target should be the overall effect, not just what will work for specific sections of the home. It can help to choose a brand that comes with features to add visual interest. CertainTeed siding, for example, can include custom trim for decoration, which is one of the key ways to break up monotony.

Keeping it simple

One other point is important to remember: even if the goal is to improve the entire home, the effort doesn't have to be all at once or done in broad strokes. As Remodeling pointed out, the answer could be a relatively small update that doesn't require a full outdoor renovation but also brings just the right touch. This is because aspects of the lawn and home's environment can also impact curb appeal.

For this, it can be good to ask the major questions first about what's missing, then working outward from there. Sometimes, the best place to add something won't be the house itself but the lawn or walkway around it.

In other cases, there might be a window or awning that will be the focal point. Remodeling also specifically mentions the role of a well-installed, updated front door and entryway, which could leave an important lasting impact on everyone who sees the home.

It's worth noting, though, that the source also said that the door should stay consistent with the rest of the exterior and not draw too much attention to itself. Once again, relying on the same materials and brand name makes the home feel whole. It can also lay the groundwork for further projects using material from the same manufacturer.

Take advantage of the time before summer by jump-starting curb appeal. You can learn more about CertainTeed siding here.