Why choose Palight Trim board?

Trim board is an aspect rarely on the mind of a homeowner but a vital part of construction design for you as a contractor. The connecting piece between the outer wall and the roof must be durable, dependable, and complete the look of the home, without offending client tastes. While no one loses sleep over trim board selection, it remains an important aspect of exterior construction.

Historically, trim boards have been made from wood. According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, popular options in the past have included all heartwood western red cedar or redwood. Both of these are hardy as far as wood options go and can help achieve that look of class and comfort your clients love. However, wood has its drawbacks.

While many homeowners want a traditional look, budgets dictate innovative ideas. Luckily, certain wood substitutes may be superior to the real thing. Enter Palight Trimboard, a free foam cellular PVC option from a world leader in PVC manufacturing.

The disadvantages of wood
Wood has been a fundamental building block in home construction for centuries, if not millennia. On that level, there are few substances that can claim to convey the same traditional, expected appearance. However, it is a simple material and – while picturesque and sturdy, wood has serious drawbacks that PVC avoids.

For starters: water. Moisture is a common occurrence for home exteriors in many climates. While certain types of wood are more resistant to water damage than others (especially if treated), this material breaks down. If moisture penetrates any level of a wooden exterior, it can manifest itself as rot and degrade the construction.

In addition, several other natural pests, including insects and wildlife, can erode wood. Palight Trimboard boasts a resistance to all of these issues, making it a longer-lasting, more durable substitute.

A fast, customizable installation
Another concern when using wooden construction is the preparation time. As stated, all wood should be treated before it is applied as a home exterior. Installing wood during inclement weather, even a drizzle, can also be dangerous to the material for the reasons highlighted above. This, along with cutting and sizing, can lead to many delays, some of them significant.

Part of your livelihood depends on the number of projects you can take in during a given year, and tying yourself to a wood exterior can not only frustrate your clients but leave you juggling a host of incomplete projects.

Palight Trimboard can be shaped and fastened quickly. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from half an inch to an inch and a half for standard profiles. Palight also provides ProFinish Profiles and Mouldings to help speed up installation, letting you satisfy your clients and move onto the next project.

How to work with Palight Trimboard
As with any building material, there are a few rules to follow when working with Palight Trimboard. In general, you may want to treat it like pine. The two substances have a similar density and thus are similarly handled to avoid damage. Since Palight Trimboard is more flexible than regular wood, it can be stored on an uneven surface but this isn’t advised for long periods of time. Your best option is to keep it level on a flat area that is protected from excessive dust or debris (especially if the protective covering has been removed).

When it comes to cutting, treat Palight Trimboard the same way you would any real lumber. No specialized saws or other forms of equipment required. That said, Palram – the manufacturer of Palight Trimboard – recommends staying away from fine tooth metal cutting blades, as these can lead to rough edges and unforeseen damage to the product.

Like other materials, Palight Trimboard reacts to temperature. PVC expands in heat and contracts in cold, so you may want to consult the weather forecast before beginning installation. However, such changes are minor, occurring only every 50 degrees or so – meaning you won’t have to make that many allowances.

Palight Trimboard is designed to be customizable, easily painted, and affordable to a wide array of clients. If needed, it can provide a look and feel very similar to real wood. However, it can also be tailored to appear sleek and modern. This flexibility makes Palight Trimboard an option you will want to consider for your next home exterior project.