Your guide to different kinds of ventilation

Exterior vents can keep your home in good condition.

In the winter, it might seem like letting air into your home is the last thing you want to do. Actually, keeping proper circulation up year-round is crucial to keeping your house in good shape. The more you delve into the details of proper venting, though, the easier it is to get confused.

For example, the Department of Energy has said that "natural ventilation" through cracks in a structure used to be considered useful for maintaining air quality. These days, this is frowned upon, with sealing considered more appropriate. This is partly because each home will have its own environment and structural issues to contend with.

With this in mind, check out some of the many different strategies and vents you can use.

Whole-house ventilation

This could qualify for an entire blog post on its own, but let's cover the basics. As you may guess, this approach disperses ventilation throughout your home, and can use balanced, energy recovery, exhaust and supply systems to do so.

Not all of these options are equally cost-effective or will provide the same type of service in the same climates. That said, you can address the entire house with different setups to maximize flow and work with the internal air pressure.

Solar fans

Your attic will be a key battleground for ventilation concerns, since it's where moisture and air is likely to collect. Challenge this with solar-powered fans that can sit in the roof and take some of the burden off of the general venting system you use.

As HGTV noted, these can be an add-on that homeowners can install themselves, and actually come with a lower risk of moving carbon monoxide around the house, making them safer. This can also be an attractive option if you live in a naturally sunny area, with plenty of solar power to go around.

Gable vents

There are many different vents you can put on the roof to help the flow. When used properly, these systems can help keep HVAC bills low and move undesired air outside, with the home feeling better and enduring for longer as a result.

Gable vents might seem like just one possible option, but don't underestimate the importance of integrating them into the exterior of the home. You won't want any new vents to stick out, and the gables are an attractive and discrete addition that will get the job done while seeming like they simply belong there on the roof of the home.

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