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Amerhart customers know that for a durable yet lightweight siding option that complements many building styles, it’s tough to beat LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding. So when LP introduced the ExpertFinish® product line of 16 versatile prefinished colors into the portfolio, Amerhart set a plan into motion to ensure that all the lap and vertical siding, trim, soffit, and shakes that customers would be looking for would be stocked and ready to ship throughout the Midwest.    

The overall vision meant building new warehouses, transforming existing spaces and installing pristine new racking designed specifically for the complete range of SmartSide siding and trim. With locations across 6 states unified around a central purpose, Amerhart turned to its 13-acre campus in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, to kick off the effort.

Want to see what it takes to transform a warehouse? This timelapse video lets you watch the new space come to life before your very eyes. 

A Valued Team Effort

With more than 75,000 square feet of indoor storage, the Sun Prairie facility was the ideal location to debut a new distribution center designed with the complete range of SmartSide ExpertFinish products in mind, and the team embraced the challenge. After mapping out the floor space, they set to work removing old shelving to make way for racking designed for the SmartSide ExpertFinish product line.

Branch Manager Ryan Chandler notes that over 112 hours, eight core team members transformed the space and filled it with SmartSide lap and vertical siding, soffit, shakes and trim in all 16 ExpertFinish colors. 

"It was a valued team effort by everyone at Amerhart, including several employees from other locations," says Chandler. "We were excited to see Sun Prairie become the first location to bring the vision to life for the Amerhart community."

ExpertFinish Ready to Ship!

Following on the successful example of the Sun Prairie transformation, enhancements continue across all 11 Amerhart branches in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Minnesota. Amerhart now stocks the most complete line of LP SmartSide ExpertFinish siding and trim products available for distribution in the Midwest.

Amerhart President Chad Warpinski emphasizes that the quality and popularity of SmartSide ExpertFinish as a leading brand in exteriors drove the company-wide decision: "As the premier supplier of prefinished siding and trim in the Midwest region, Amerhart recognized the importance and value of having the complete range of ExpertFinish products on the ground and ready to ship."

Warmth, Durability & Convenience in Colors Customers Love   

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products feature engineered wood technology that protects against weather, moisture, decay and termites while offering the look and warmth of traditional wood.
LP SmartSide ExpertFinish 16 Colors New for 2023

16 Versatile Prefinished Colors

With 16 prefinished colors to choose from and a variety of profiles — from lap siding, to panel and vertical siding, to shingles and shakes — as well as all the soffit and trim you need, you'll love the ease of staying in one product line to complete your projects.

And your customers will find it easier than ever to achieve their own version of the American Dream.

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