2019 master bathroom renovation inspiration

2019 master bathroom renovation inspirationWhile the new year is just starting, many homeowners may be planning out their long-term investments for home renovation projects. This year, experts have highlighted the master bathroom as one area where owners might seek to add a little more comfort and style, so it would be wise for contractors to get a good idea of what's likely to be popular and where they can turn to improve those rooms in ways that will wow their clients.

The issue is that most people might have a kind of "set it and forget it" attitude toward their bathrooms, changing very little over the course of a decade or more of homeownership, according to Interior Magazine. After all, they spend relatively little time in there compared with other rooms of the house. However, everything gets old eventually, so with incomes on the rise and properties values continuing to climb, many homeowners may be looking to this less conventional space as a room for improvement.

On the surface

Among the most popular places for homeowners to start with a bathroom renovation is by changing out some of the old countertops, tiles, and flooring they've had for years, the magazine advised. One trend that is surprisingly popular these days is the use of wood grains on bathroom walls and other surfaces to give the bathroom more of a homey feeling.

As far as colors and and textures go, it seems that earth tones are increasingly in style for the bathroom these days, the report said. That includes wood grains, but also forest green, beige, ash, and several others. In general, if materials come across to the observer as "natural," they should be popular this year.

A new master bathroom can make a home feel brand new.A renovated master bathroom can make a home feel brand new.

Going green?

In addition to the regular concept of "going green" with low-flow showers and toilets, many homeowners may want to have more of an ability to cultivate plants in the bathroom, going along with that natural-feeling theme, according to Domain. Space for potted plants or even small trees could be quite popular in 2019, and that also means bathrooms will need to have plenty of natural light to make sure everyone has the ability to flourish and grow.

Furthermore, lighting even when the sun is down is coming into focus for many homeowners who may have previously relied upon a single overhead light or some sconces for their bathroom illumination, the site advised. Both discrete and "statement" fixtures are likely to be en vogue this year, so it's wise for contractors to have a variety of ideas that appeal to homeowners at the ready.

Some particularly creative, striking options may exist for people with limited bathroom space, the report said. This includes innovative mirrors with backlighting and under-shelf lamps, which can add some low-key light to spaces that might not have the room for bigger fixtures.

Simplifying spaces

Finally, many homeowners may want to move away from the standards of bathroom layout, getting rid of cabinets full of various health and beauty items and replacing them with options that simplify design while still making space for everything they need. That could mean replacing big cabinets with smaller, individualized cubbies or low-profile cabinets built into walls.

Along similar lines, the standard setup of a shower head over a tub may be on the way out in terms of popularity, replaced in some instances by a "water space," the report said. That means a walled-off area with a drain in the floor where shower and tub are both contained, but held separately. Homeowners who have the room may be able to think of this kind of area as a big walk-in shower stall with a tub inside it, but allowing for added comfort and more of a "wow" factor.

Of course, every home – and client – is different, so contractors need to be able to present a number of options that may work well for the space they're renovating. In many cases, homeowners may know that they want a change, but not what that change should entail, so a little advice can go a long way toward ensuring a client is satisfied with the end result.