5 ways to spruce up your home exterior for fall

5 practical tips for sprucing up your home for fall while preparing it for winter.Pull out the pumpkins and put up the corn stalks - fall is here and so is the opportunity to decorate your home for the season! Autumn is a great time to test your creativity with DIY designs and transitioning your home for colder weather. While a lot of focus on fall decor occurs in the interior of your home, this is also the perfect time to make changes to spruce up your home exterior as well. When the trees are left bare, your home will be your protection against the elements and the curb appeal will be the main focal point during the long winter months. Our five ways to spruce up your home exterior offers the best combination of practical and design renovations that are best done during the fall season.

1. Fall flower landscaping

Don't assume that flowers are just for spring and summer. Hardy flowers like mums come in a variety of different colors that are perfect for any autumn landscaping project. They can be directly planted into the ground or arranged in planters alongside other greenery as HGTV recommends. Mums are some of the last color before the dreary months of winter set in and are a great transition between summer and fall.

2. Custom deck

Even though the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, fall is the perfect time for a custom deck. The cool, dry weather is perfect for outdoor construction which allows the project to be done promptly. You still may be able to enjoy a few warm days on your new deck before winter, and use it as an entertainment space for any special events. If you already have a deck, make sure you are preparing it for harsher weather conditions during this time of year.

3. New windows and doors

Windows and doors impact the look and feel of your home more than you think. Fall is the best time to invest in new, energy-efficient windows and doors for the sake of your curb appeal and your heating bill. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that homes using Energy Star windows can save anywhere between $146 and $465 a year on their energy bills. This is no small number, and considering that these new windows also look better, are less drafty, and can reduce noise, there's no reason not to invest in some. A new door can also have these benefits as well as being a great canvas for fall creativity. Consider painting your front door a new color for fall and decorating with a festive sign or wreath.

Mums and pumpkins are a classic pairing to decorate near your front doorMums and pumpkins are a classic pairing to decorate near your front door

4. Paint trim

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any object, but your exterior trim is easy to forget about. A crisp fall day is an ideal time for exterior painting. The trim surrounding your porch, windows, and doors are rejuvenated with a fresh coat of paint. If you are thinking about switching up the color, pick something that will complement your existing siding and landscaping.

5. Roof repair

Whether you're fixing a few shingles or receiving a whole new roof, a roof repair is essential in preparing your home for winter and improving its curb appeal. Better Homes & Gardens recommends undertaking roof repairs during fall for the same reason why building a custom deck is recommended during this season - the weather is ideal. They also point out that small leaks in your roof can become major problems when cold weather comes around. The best time to fix roof problems is before a problem occurs. Not only is it easier for professionals to work in better weather conditions, but it is less expensive to fix a problem before it turns into something bigger.

It's easy to get wrapped up in decorating the interior of your home for fall, but with these practical renovations and tips, you will be increasing the curb appeal of your home while preparing it for winter.