Adding class and value to home exteriors

Home exteriorsWorking as a contractor, you can expect to be called on many times for “beautification” projects. These jobs aren’t always structural in nature. Sometimes a homeowner just wants to improve the visual appeal of his or her home. There is a multitude of reasons for this, including weather, age, and change in personal taste. Your client may also be looking to increase the property’s value as well.

While simple repairs and a new paint job can remove certain effects of aging, increasing a home’s outer beauty can often require more creative thinking. Here are several ideas to discuss with your client the next time you are called upon for exterior renovations:

Creating a curved deck with railing
Adding an outdoor deck typically increases the value of a home. It is an enjoyable outdoor space that provides room for relaxation and entertainment. Since outdoor decks are far from a recent innovation, they are available in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes. However, for truly sophisticated visual aesthetic, opting for curved decking and railing can beautify the home exterior.

While not every home can easily accommodate a curved outdoor deck, those that can are treated to a trendy home design. Amerhart uses Trex CustomCurve decking and railing, which uses an intuitive heating unit to let you curve decking, railing and trim on- or offsite. This is perfect for homeowners looking to maximize the sun’s heat or perfectly fit the natural shape of an older home.

Protecting with a postwrap
Wooden exterior beams and trim can add a lot of class to a home. They provide a natural, worn look that fits in perfectly with most rural neighborhood settings and even many urban areas. Unfortunately, wood – even treated – is a material that is very susceptible to the elements. When moisture from rain and snow seeps into the lumber, it can cause it to rot.

Insects and certain rodents can also damage the quality and integrity of the wood, dramatically reducing its visual and structural value. Lastly, unless the homeowner has opted for a purely natural look, the paint on wooden exteriors needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep its pleasing appearance.

Rather than allowing homeowners to continually invest in wooden exterior upkeep, Amerhart recommends using polyvinyl chloride postwraps and flat panels wherever possible. These structural coverings can protect wood while still allowing the property to look impressive. PVC is a harder material that requires less upkeep for homeowners in the long-run.

Restoring what was there
Older homes in particular often feature design and construction choices that deviate from today’s standard. These flourishes can include an elaborate roof sculpture or exterior stone carvings. While these may have looked majestic when the building was first constructed, time and the elements have likely taken a toll. Amerhart provides guide services in our Fabrication catalog on how to renovate these unique pieces while preserving their original integrity.

No matter what kind of building your client has (even if it is an old church), work with confidence that you have the right tools for the job. More than that, when you restore an old design, you can do so with new material that will last longer while still looking as pristine as the original craftsmanship.

Remaining environmentally friendly
At Amerhart, we believe that eco-friendly home design and construction part of the path to finding a sustainable lifestyle. When you choose our materials or partner brands, understand that you will be working with components that are held to a high environmental standard. This “green” approach can also ease the client fear that further home renovation work will damage their surrounding landscape.

Amerhart is proud to be a Forest Stewardship Council certified distributor.

Homes are continuous projects, as the vast majority of your clients will tell you. Whether it is an addition, a remodeling or just a new coat of paint, homeowners are always looking to maximize the visual appeal of their house exteriors. WIth these tips and ideas, you are now better suited to give them a hand.