Custom fabrication can revive historic buildings

When renovating classic homes, finding the right products while keeping prices reasonable can be a challenge.

Renovating a historic building can be a great reward, whether it's a home, school, government office or commercial structure. It can also be quite a challenge, re-creating classic designs while trying to keep the prices reasonable.

Re-creating classic styles

If you're going to restore historic buildings, you're going to need to understand the eras they come from. One helpful tool is the National Register of Historic Places. Use this source to learn more about design and building trends from bygone eras. Learning more about the history of a building will get you in touch with its design elements, and help you to find the right components for maintaining and improving the building.

"You can't find these historic products just anywhere, but you can get them custom-made."

Combining modern performance with classic looks

In addition to restoring these buildings to their original beauty, you also want to use durable materials. These buildings have already weathered so much, so this time around use materials like engineered wood and composite lumber for that long-lasting finish.

Customizing unique products

Exterior trim, roofing products, and other components can be tough to find when it comes to historic restorations. You can't find these products just anywhere, but you can get them custom-made to your exact specifications. With custom fabrication, Amerhart can provide whatever type of products you need. As a local company, Amerhart's fabrication team offers a quick turnaround for custom products.

Whatever materials you're looking for, we can help. At Amerhart, we're inspiring people to build their version of the American dream. If you've got a project on your mind, we can help make it happen.