Four Garden Decking Ideas for Small Spaces

Four garden decking ideas for small spaces

Having a small backyard and an envy-inducing patio aren’t mutually exclusive. Maybe your space is an unconventional shape or you’re concerned about squeezing in comfortable seating. Either way, these garden decking ideas will help you shake off the hesitation and get you excited for the possibilities—no matter your square footage.

Keep Design Simple

1. Keep design simple

The first decisions you’ll need to make about your patio concern its shape and size. Square and rectangle decks provide a lot of usable square footage and are often easier to scale properly to your home. To avoid the need for railing, an expense that not everyone budgets for, make sure your deck stays low to the ground.

Stay in sync with your home

2. Stay in sync with your home

While true of any patio space, this tip is particularly important with less spacious yards. You’ll want to create a natural flow between your indoor and outdoor home by utilizing existing doors. That also means selecting complementary colors and striking a good proportional balance between patio and greenery.

Consider a lighter color

3. Consider a lighter color

While not true of every single home, a lighter color has the ability to give packed spaces a much airier vibe. Our Color Selector allows you to peruse all your options, from minimalist hues to the strikingly modern.

Look for storage opportunities

4. Look for storage opportunities

When building your mini paradise and selecting the best furniture for it, think about both fashion and function. Imagine built-in seating that keeps yard games out of sight—or a modest four-person table that allows space for bins & baskets.