Remodeling a Bathroom: A Great Idea This Winter

Remodeling a Bathroom: A Great Idea This Winter

When winter rolls around, many homeowners may not want to undertake big renovation projects. However, by taking the time to remodel their bathrooms – particularly their smaller guest bathrooms – they may be able to put themselves in a great position to beautify their homes without disrupting their day-to-day lives. Furthermore, redoing these bathrooms with an eco-friendly plan in mind can be extra rewarding over time.

Bathrooms – especially secondary bathrooms – may not get much consideration from homeowners when they consider a remodel, but if contractors recommend it, many ideas can spring to mind quickly, according to This Old House. For instance, swapping out a sink that's built into a big cabinet, and replacing that with a pedestal sink instead, can free up a lot of floor space in what might otherwise feel like a bit of a cramped room.

In addition, there are little luxury items that may be built into the room – such as heated floors or more elegant fixtures – which may not change the overall look of the room but can still be appreciated by those who install them. For bathrooms on the second floor, it might also be a nice change to install a skylight, which lets a little more natural light into the room and provides a natural vent for shower steam, meaning there's no need to put in a fan or keep the lights on during the day.

A redone bathroom can really add a "wow" factor.

Many things to consider

While people may not think of it, contractors can generally advise them about the little things that need to be right about a bathroom remodel, according to Houzz. For instance, if they install a sink that's the wrong height, it can be a minor annoyance, but one that lingers for years. Usually, sinks stand either 32 or 34 inches tall, but not always, and for homes with taller people in them, that might not be enough. As such, special considerations can be made when it comes to installation for every home.

Along similar lines to how people consider space in bathrooms, contractors should note that not every one needs a full-size bath, the report said. Smaller, more economical baths that stand taller off the ground can be a good solution here, but so too can simply installing a shower stall.

Furthermore, while people may not think of their toilets as being surprisingly big wastes of money – or water – they often can be, especially in older houses that haven't had the plumbing updated for some time, according to HGTV. To that end, replacing an older toilet with a low-flow model can go a long way. However, for homes whose toilets are more or less equivalent to the more eco-friendly models available today, swapping out the toilet seat or lid can dress up a bathroom without having to bring in a plumber for a new installation.

Be smart about it

Another way to make a bathroom renovation a little more eco-friendly is to try to find salvaged or recycled materials, HGTV added. Whether that's older countertops or tiles that can be repurposed or repainted, or something that can be the new cabinet below a sink, contractors can let interested homeowners know what's feasible to install based on their tastes, budgets and space requirements.

Moreover, while people may want to redo a bathroom completely to their tastes, they may want to hold off on doing so if it's a guest bathroom, or if it's a master bathroom but they are planning to move within a few years, according to Better Homes and Gardens. A more generic approach to common spaces is oftentimes advisable compared with making the space a little more hyper-specific. And while a remodeled bathroom can certainly add to a home's resale value, one that's a little too "unique" can be a potential hurdle for would-be sellers to overcome.

Perhaps most important here is the fact that a remodel is a collaborative effort between homeowners (who know what they like) and contractors (who know how to do a job as quickly and easily as possible). When they can come to an understanding about even the littlest details of a remodel, they can work together harmoniously and efficiently.