Spotlight on PRISM TFL Karuna Ash

Looking for a TFL pattern that will give your project the warmth and authenticity of wood with just enough of an upscale feel to project a modern image? Arauco PRISM Karuna Ash gives you the best of both worlds.  

PRISM Karuna Ash is a functional soft brown woodgrain, reminiscent of a traditional cherry that exhibits modern understated elegance. The Velvet texture of this panel is a warm, super-smooth matte finish.

Arauco Karuna Ash

Product Options

Karuna Ash Velvet Texture is available with either a particleboard or an MDF core, both TSCA Title VI/CARB-2 Compliant.

PB core options include 49" x 97" panels with 1/2" or 3/4" thickness.

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MDF core is available in 1/2" x 49" x 97" panels.

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PRISM Karuna Ash Case Study 

A Modern Property in a Historic Setting

See how PRISM TFL Karuna Ash contributes to the modern elegance of The Matadora apartment complex in Historic Savannah, Georgia. The designer of this upscale property selected Karuna Ash to add color and depth to the kitchens and bathrooms.   

PRISM TFL Karuna Ash was the perfect complement to the interior design choices. The warmth of the soft woodgrain surfaces brings out the inviting elements of the modern clean lines of the property's understated elegance.

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The Matadora

Complete the Look with Matching Edgeband

Ready to put Karuna Ash to work in your project? Matching Edgeband is available to help you achieve a polished look. 

Karuna Ash

REHAU offers Karuna Ash in its Rigid 1 mm Thick PVC edgeband. Rigid Thick edgeband is ideal for high-traffic areas that need to stand up to wear. 

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Explore More PRISM TFL Possibilities!

Karuna Ash comes from the Arauco Prism 2020-2021 Collection. With looks inspired by the ocean and earthen pottery, as well as true-to-life woodgrains, this collection is designed to "Bring more of the outside in."

Whether you're looking for classic and enduring colors, bold hues or a softer palette, PRISM has you covered. 

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