Winter is a great time to remodel a basement

Winter is a great time to remodel a basementWith the new year just about here, many Americans may be thinking of the various home improvement projects they want to undertake in the year ahead. One of the most popular is renovating or finishing a basement to create more living space.

While some owners may want to wait to start a project until spring or summer rolls around, to take advantage of the fact that temperatures are often cooler in the basement – making spending time down there more attractive when it heats up outside – many contractors would recommend beginning the renovation effort in winter. For that reason, renovation pros would be wise to contact homeowners and highlight the benefits of getting going on a basement project sooner rather than later.

These benefits include, but are certainly not limited to:

1) More flexibility

The simple fact contractors know full well – and which many others may not – is that when spring and summer arrive, renovation crews get extremely busy. That means they are often difficult to reach as they juggle multiple jobs, and typically just don't have enough time to devote to each client. This usually isn't an issue in winter, meaning contractors can collaborate more closely with homeowners to get every detail of a finished basement exactly right.

A finished basement can make any home just a little nicer.A finished basement can make any home a little nicer.

2) Permitting becomes easier

Much like contractors themselves, local government offices that issue permits for renovation projects will have a lot less to do during the winter months. As a result, it's much easier to start a project within a desired time frame and, therefore, easier to get that job completed on time.

3) Perceived inconveniences aren't really an issue

Another big issue that homeowners might fret about is that construction workers might be coming into and out of their home throughout the day, letting out heat or generally making a lot of noise, according to Zephyr Thomas Home Improvement. However, there are plenty of ways to avoid that, such as only scheduling work during the work day (more possible with greater flexibility) or by setting up tarps that keep heated air where it's supposed to be. That's also easier if basements have separate entrances.

As an added bonus, starting in winter also reduces the risk of mold forming in the basement, as it relies on warm, humid environments. These are, of course, far more common in spring and summer when rainfall increases along with temperatures.

4) Saving money

When all these factors are taken together, they typically mean that jobs can be completed quickly and on budget, according to The Spruce. In some cases, contractors might be able to finish early, allowing homeowners to cut costs more than expected. That, in turn, gives homeowners not only more cost certainty around the project, but also more time to spend in their newly renovated basement.

The more contractors can do to impress upon homeowners the importance of getting work done sooner rather than later, the happier they are likely to be with their newly renovated basement. After all, a quick and easy renovation process typically ends up working out well for everyone involved.