Grass Vionaro H185 Drawer Side, 7-1/4 in
Components & Accessories
MPN: P-GRAF135121603207 P-GRAF135121603207


  • Brand: Grass
  • Codes & standards: ANSI/BHMA A156.9, Grade 1
  • Compatible tools & materials: Flanged Front Locking Device, Adapter Set, Rear Mount Brackets
  • Made in US: No
  • Manufacturer: GRASS AMERICA INC
  • Material: Steel
  • Sub Brand: Vionaro¬†

When you open the innovative Vionaro drawer you will find a slim-line designer inspired drawer. Sides of just 13 mm made from materials of the highest quality offer a drawer with the ultimate in storage space design.

The Vionaro drawer sides rest on top of the proven Dynapro concealed slide system turning Dynapro into a multifunctional system.

  • Cubist design with 90 deg angles
  • 3 dimensional adjustment
  • Integrated side and height adjustment, tilt angle adjustment at back
  • Plus and minus adjustments for all dimensions
  • Bottom panel is cut to size without notching
  • Color