Rollex Steel Gutter Apron
Metal Trims

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  • Application: Soffit & Fascia
  • Brand: Rollex
  • Made in US: Yes
  • Manufacturer: ROLLEX CORPORATION
  • Material: Steel
  • Used for: Roofing Accessories
  • Weight: 2.84 lb

Gutter Apron is installed on the edge of the roof at eaves and hangs into the gutter. It's primary purpose is to direct water into gutters from the roof.

Rollex makes this durable gutter apron out of 30-gauge steel.

  • Virtually maintenance free: Simply spray with water to maintain like-new appeal
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly: Rollex products can be recycled again and again, forever
  • Durable: Top-notch quality products that look new for decades
  • Color