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Every exterior surface of a home is an opportunity to make a statement.
In addition to welcoming those you care about most – your family, friends, and neighbors – more than any other feature, the most important consideration for home buyers when it comes to home exteriors is overall appearance.

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Strength and Durability

With superior moisture-resistance, expansion/contraction control, and wind resistance, ICON is able to withstand even the harshest freezing weather.

Fast & Easy Installation

Stack-Lock Design is self-aligning: after the first course, no need to level. Only one installer needed, no gauge required.


Select Cedar™ TrueTexture™ Finish is molded from real cedar planks, creating the look of authentic woodgrain. Flat face design, available in 16” extended lengths for a more seamless look.

Any Color

Simply select your favorite high-grade, non-oil-based exterior brand paint and choose the ideal color. For expedited lead times, Amerhart carries 11 standard, pre-finished, and on-trend color options, shown below.

CertainTeed ICON can be painted in virtually any color.

You can achieve an on-trend look with expedited lead times using Amerhart’s 11 standard, pre-finished color palette.

Rusted Earth
Pebble Beach
Indigo Night
Iconic White
Gravel Path
Galena Ore
Ferric Oxide
Burnt Sienna
Brushed Ecru
Bronze Sepia
Ashen Stone

Seeing is believing.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Pre-finishing

What paint product do you use when pre-finishing ICON Siding?

The proper name for the product is KEM AQUA BP SIDNG PLUS by Sherwin Williams. It has been formulated for the pre-finishing process, and is a hybrid of the KEM AQUA BP ENAMEL line, which has been in stores and proven for many years.

KEM AQUA BP Siding Plus is a product family of monochromatic topcoats designed for OEM application to building products designed for exterior applications. This series of monochromatic colors are used to intermix for customer specific colors or tinted with KEM AQUA® Solar Reflective colorants for temperature sensitive substrates. Suitable for use on CPVC, wood, fiberglass pultrusions, fiber cement, paper overlaid OSB, and many composites typical to building products.


  • Good gloss and color retention
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Wide application window for wet mil-age
  • Mar and scuff resistant that improves with full cure after 7 days
  • Can be blended with up to 8 oz/gal KEM AQUA® Solar Reflective color- ants for temperature sensitive sub-strates exposed outside
What makes your pre-finished paint the best paint for ICON Siding?

There are a few reasons why the KEM AQUA BP SIDNG PLUS paint is the best option for ICON Siding:

  1. VERY FLEXIBLE COATING that will adhere and move with the shape of the siding (even if it is in a circle)
  2. Full range of consistent colors
  3. Solar reflective technology manufactured in the coating
  4. Excellent gloss retention and hiding (even on darker colors)
  5. Proven and lab tested on cement, wood, fiberglass, PVC, and many other composites
  6. Not harmful to the environment – waterborne, Low HAP’s, and VOC’s
  7. 30-year warranty compared to a 25-year warranty provide by most other paint companies
Is the paint the same as a builder or home owner should use for field application?
The KEM AQUA BP SIDNG PLUS product has limited availability at Sherwin Williams home stores and is specifically designed for the pre-finishing process. Sherwin Williams recommends on-site application using an exterior grade latex finish coat paint like Duration, Emerald, or Resiliance. These coatings are not made to block or dry quickly, which is why we cannot use them when pre-finishing.
Could you describe what your pre-finisher does to the product to warrant an upcharge?

Pre-finishing ICON Siding is preferred for a few key reasons:

  1. More effecient and cost effective than having the siding painted after install
  2. Significant time savings – once installed, the siding job is complete
  3. True 2-coat system with a 30-year manufacturer warranty
  4. Painting done in a controlled environment to prevent defects in the finish that can occur on-site

Side-by-side test of moisture absorption

Wood and fiber cement based products can absorb over 8x more water than ICON siding, making them more likely to fail due to swelling and cracking. Why take the risk? Make the right choice.

Composite Siding Means Superior Durability

ICON is tested and proven to have reduced moisture absorption, providing minimal expansion and contraction. Lack of moisture absorption also means that it will not rot, mold or decay, offering superior long-term durability. ICON provides a level of performance that was never available—until now.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Absorbs minimal moisture.
  • Will not rot, contribute to the growth of unhealthy mold or mildew, and is not susceptible to freezing and thawing.
  • Can be butted tightly together with no need for flashing.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • In testing, Competitive Products absorb enough water to increase weight by almost half.
  • This increase in moisture can cause rot, mold, buckling, shrinking and degradation in appearance.

Moisture Absorption

ICON Composite Siding

  • Minimal moisture absorption means the planks will have little to no expansion or contraction.
  • Reduces stress on the planks and prevents cracking and buckling.
  • Can be butted tightly together with no unsightly gaps.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • Competitive products are prone to expansion/contraction.
  • A minimal 1/8″ gap between planks is required to prevent warp and buckling from plank movement.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Offers a high level of impact resistance for long-term performance.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • Competitve products are susceptible to hail damage, as well as everyday dings, chips and cracks.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Patented STUDfinderTM feature ensures fasteners will penetrate studs.
  • Combination of STUDfinderTM and Stack Lock feature improves product stability and contributes to superior wind-load performance.

Competitive Products

  • Depends on nail strength to achieve wind-load.

Beautiful from the day it is installed through the life of the home.

We understand that at the end of the day, it’s all about happy homeowners. With its rich texture, highly defined shadow lines and factory-primed planks, ICON Composite Siding comes ready to be painted in virtually any color. You can select your favorite high-grade, non-oil-based exterior brand paint and choose the ideal color, from subtle whites and creams to vibrant dark colors, like reds or greys. ICON is a product you will be proud of.

Timeless Beauty
The solid wood look and feel of ICON Composite Siding is unmistakable. This distinctive character is created through its wide flat face and squared edges—and is complemented beautifully with a Select Cedar™ TrueTexture™ Finish emulating real wood. Its 16′ plank lengths produce a more beautiful finish by creating fewer seams than standard length planks. Each plank is secured with hidden fasteners, which eliminates visible nail heads.

Look & Feel
ICON Composite Siding

  • Solid plank and wide 7″ reveal provide the realism of cedar wood planks.
  • Is virtually maintenance-free.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • Requires constant—and often expensive—maintenance.

Plank Lengths
ICON Composite Siding

  • Longer 16′ plank lengths mean fewer unsightly seams and a more attractive, finished look.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • Shorter 12′ plank lengths not only mean more unsightly seams, but also more unsightly expansion gaps.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Unique hidden fastener system eliminates visible nail heads for a cleaner aesthetic.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • Face nailing may be required and not only compromises overall looks, but also increases potential for cracked panels during installation.

Easier, Faster, One-Person Installation.

Your time is important. ICON Composite Siding is designed to not only look beautiful, but also to ensure fast, safe and precise installation for maximum siding performance. From its easier handling and portability to its revolutionary features, ICON can reduce the total number of man-hours by a considerable margin.
With lightweight and flexible planks, ICON allows for faster and simpler installation. The unique self-aligning Stack Lock makes installation by a single installer possible. The patented STUDfinder feature with its integrated fastening guide that takes the guesswork out of installing. ICON delivers advantages other alternatives don’t.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Easy to handle. Enables one-person carrying and installation to minimize the amount of installers on a job.
  • A single installer can cut several planks at once.
  • “Gives” just enough to t in tight spaces.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • Prone to expansion/contraction.
  • A minimal 1/8″ gap between planks is required to prevent warp and buckling from plank movement.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Unique Stack Lock design self- aligns and requires no clips.
  • One person can overlap and fasten in fewer steps.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • One person must hold the plank while another measures the overlap, aligns and fastens.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Allows for minimal expansion and contraction, can be butted tightly together and does not require flashing or caulking.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • May expand and contract, requiring space between planks and the need for flashing and caulking.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Our patented STUDfinder system provides a precise fastening placement guide to improve speed of installation, accuracy, safety and performance, by ensuring correct nail position.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • You’re on your own when choosing where to nail, perhaps missing a stud or hitting an electrical wire.

ICON Composite Siding

  • Installs with standard woodworking tools and blades.
  • Can be easily scored and snapped.

Compared to Competitive Products

  • May call for the use of specialized expensive blades that dull quickly.

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