See how Amerhart and our value-added manufacturing division – Wind Mill – helped solve Lindgren RF Enclosures’ unique challenges.




Lindgren RF Enclosures provides solutions for energy management, including shielding, additions, and upgrades. Their maintenance efforts can involve full panel replacement as well as relocation. Some of their other projects include poured and floating floor systems for similar purposes.


Lindgren had to build 4-by-8 panels to withstand MRI machine radiation for its client. Since standard wood panels do not protect against radiation, the project required copper–a material not commonly laminated onto a wood substrate–to enclose the rooms housing the MRI machines. Though they wouldn’t be seen once in place, the shape of the panels counted, too, since they would have to be uniform and easy to install as well.

In addition, Lindgren also wanted to streamline the process, reducing complexity as well as the overall burden of the job, from production to installation.


Before they came to Amerhart, Lindgren was first working in-house, and then dealing with a different supplier. However, they eventually noticed a few problems with this relationship:

  • Delays in Shipments: Orders with this supplier took several weeks, and production didn’t begin until the official order was made. With short lead times and tight schedules to consider, having to wait this long for delivery was a big concern for Lindgren.
  • Haphazard Stacking: The final panels, when they did arrive, didn’t have the neat stacking the customer would have preferred and seemed somewhat rushed. There was also something of a ragged look to them, Lindgren buyer Keith Wolfgram said.
  • Poor Trimming Procedure: The untrimmed copper on the panels also caused problems. This first supplier trimmed the panels before lamination, as opposed to after fabrication, leading to uneven edges on the final product that had to be smoothed down later. This cost Lindgren more time and proved to be inefficient.

Soon it became clear that Lindgren would have to look elsewhere. This is when they started working with Amerhart.


In July 2016, Amerhart acquired Wind Mill Slatwall Products, bringing a longtime customer officially into the fold. With this added resource, we were able to get to work with a clear cost plan for the client from the beginning.

The unique nature of the project meant that there were a few variables to consider. For one, it wasn’t entirely clear what the right solution would be at first. We eventually decided to lay up copper on wood panels with a particle board substrate.

Then the question became, “What adhesive do we use?” While the customer had relied on standard glue before, Wind Mill was determined to be thorough. After testing multiple types, they reached a solution that was perfect for the copper foil.

Even with these challenges, Lindgren never lost faith in our ability to finish the job, according to Keith, and was very pleased with the final product.

“The bundle, when the units actually arrive,
they’re all nice – everything’s the exact same.”

“The bundle, when the units actually arrive,
they’re all nice – everything’s the exact same.”


Attentive Staff: Our employees left the customer with a positive experience, and made the job go smoothly. Wind Mill took care of both the balancing backer and board, as well as the labor needed to put everything together.

Consistency: Unlike their previous supplier, Amerhart delivered clean, well-made panels that didn’t require extra trimming and had the same banding and corners on every unit. “There’s a sameness to all of them that’s nice,” Keith said. “It’s almost like every piece that comes in is the same, and they’re all fine.”

Ready Inventory: There were no questions about supply with Amerhart and Wind Mill, since there was already plenty of material stocked in advance. This saved Lindgren time and effort, since they only needed to contribute copper to the project.


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Wind Mill’s focus on quality here was a huge advantage, solving problems before they became an issue for the customer. With Wind Mill’s manufacturing expertise and Amerhart’s knowledge of sourcing substrate, Lindgren was in good hands.

Keith also noticed a clear difference between the new panels and what they were used to before. “The bundle, when the units actually arrive, they’re all nice – everything’s the exact same,” Keith said. “The fact that Amerhart’s units arrive how they arrive, that says something.” He described the overall experience as “problem-free.”

This is good news for everyone, especially since it cemented a strong working relationship between Amerhart, Wind Mill, and Lindgren. Since we have leftover material, we’re also ready to fulfill similar orders for this customer in the future if needed.


Amerhart is ready to go the extra mile, and our work with Lindgren is proof. We offer expertise, quality and a commitment to see any job through to the end.

Working with Amerhart gives all our customers the support and expertise they need. Contact us to find out how we can help your project today.

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