Palight Color2Core™ saves time, labor, and cost compared to painting


Palight Color2Core™ Technology delivers a solid color through the entire trimboard, giving you greater design flexibility and saving you time, labor, and cost compared to painting.

Palight Color2Core™ Technology Delivers …

Design Flexibility

Available in Classic White as well as more contemporary earthtone-colored Sand and Clay*.

* Clay available in mid-2017.

Reduced Maintenance

Saves time, labor, and cost compared to painting—no recurring paint maintenance cost.


Superior Workability

No need for extra painting if cutting or routing boards or for touch up paint if nicked or scratched by homeowner.

More Job Site Control

No delays caused by inability to paint in bad weather—translating to prompt payments for completed work.

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Why Palight?

Engineered for the job site

▶ EverClean™ Protective Film

▶ Sealed edges on four sides

▶ 30-year transferrable warranty

Great design flexibility

▶ Three color options—white, sand, and clay—with Color2Core™

▶ Two finishes—smooth both sides, or reversible smooth/woodgrain

Best-in-class workability

▶ Dense, closed-cell foam

▶ Superior cutting and routing

▶ Clean cut edges with no chipping

Numerous mouldings & profiles

▶ Both flat sheets and boards

▶ ProFinish™ Profiles

▶ ProFinish™ Mouldings

Find out how much time & money a contractor can save by using Palight Trimboard with EverClean™ Protective film.

Do you still mill your own trimboard profiles on the job site before wrapping windows, doors and columns? There’s a better way with Palight ProFinish™ Mouldings.

Amerhart Fabrication

Do your needs go above and beyond? Using Palight Trimboard, Amerhart Fabrication creates custom decorative exteriors for residential and commercial buildings. From flat and tapered post wraps to the restoration of complex and ornate designs, your imagination is our only limitation.

Amerhart Fabrication

Capabilities Include …

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