2021 Retail Guide


Message from Chad Warpinski, Amerhart President

2020 was a year that very few people will miss.

We experienced the start of a global pandemic that has contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the US, shuttered many small businesses, and resulted in unquantifiable suffering as our social lives have been disrupted.

Sprinkle in mass protests of every variety and increasing political polarization and you would be hard pressed to create a business environment with more uncertainty.

And yet, we move forward and adapt.

In response to the external shocks described above, people have focused (or re-focused) on what they can control. For many of us, this has meant maximizing our living spaces – or finding new living arrangements – to adjust to a new reality.

While this “new normal” has benefitted our industry, we can also be proud of the fact that our work directly improves and enriches lives no matter the circumstance.

Our vision at Amerhart states that “together, we will inspire our communities to build their version of the Amerhart Dream,” and we look forward to working with you in 2021 to make that happen.

To that end, we have worked hard to enhance our website Amerhart.com. We have developed new tools and features to assist our business partners. This includes receiving product availability dates as you order online, real-time notifications regarding the status of orders and delivery information, and now the ability to submit a request for RMA online.

As we move forward we will always strive to go beyond the order.

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