1x4 16' #3 Ponderosa Pine Kiln Dried S4S Boards
MPN: 104G|1|4|16 104G|1|4|16

Ponderosa Pine is a Western pine species with a minimal amount of reddish brown heartwood and exceptionally wide sapwood which is honey-toned or the color of straw. Choose Ponderosa Pine when appearance rather than strength is a top priority.

These Ponderosa Pine boards from Spearfish Forest Products are dried before surfacing to assure uniformity of the finished size.

They are seasoned in temperature and humidity-controlled dry kilns until moisture content reaches 12 to 19%.

Grade 3 is used in a range of building applications where both strength and appearance are important

  • Straight, uniform grain machines to a clear, smooth surface
  • Takes finishes including paint, stain, lacquer and varnish easily (seal knots before painting)
  • Relatively unaffected by changes in humidity: uniform cell structure and only moderate shrinkage compared to other soft woods
  • Seasons well with minimal splitting, cupping or warping