Soft Maple S4S Boards - Clear 1 Face 2 Edges
Maple Boards

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Tom's Quality Millwork uses high-speed state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture these maple S4S (surfaced four sides) boards.

These boards are clear on one face and two edges. Both faces are sanded to 150 grit.

Soft maple is a good general purpose hardwood, typically used for furniture and cabinets.

Creamy white to reddish brown in color, it is close-grained but softer than hard maple. It is easy to work and accepts finish and paint well.

  • S4S (surfaced 4 sides)
  • Clear 1 face, 2 edges
  • Both faces sanded
  • Easy to work with good machining properties - turns and planes well
  • Boards are 8 feet long
  • Size