Durovent Baffle Foam Chute
Vent Chutes
MPN: DV24 DV24

The Durovent Baffle is the most economical way to ventilate your roof and block out the wind and rain! A water resistant baffle is incorporated into the Number ONE selling vent in the industry allowing for a one-step rafter vent and baffle installation.

Installation of the Durovent Baffle eliminates the need for using blocking material such as batt insulation between the vent and the wall top plate, as is commonly the practice for installation of rafter vents without an integral baffle.

The Durovent Baffle is both water resistant and durable, blocking out moisture and wind from penetrating the attic. A great choice for 24" on-center applications.

Proper ventilation allows for cooler attics in the summer, prevention of ice-dam formation in the winter, and overall drier attics. Prolong the life of shinglesand improve insulation efficiency by using the Durovent.

  • One-step installation
  • Easy positioning and stapling
  • Allows for wide range of heel heights
  • Great choice for 24" on-center applications
  • Made in the USA