Prism WF357 Sandalwood TFL P/B Core G2S Medina 3/4" 49x97
TFL Woodgrains

Prism TFL is ready to install vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. It's a colorful shift for commercial and residential casework/fixture fabrication, and architecturally-specified interiors.

Prism TFL complies with TSCA Title VI/CARB-2 and meets relevant green building standards including LEED, Green Globes, IgCC, and the CALGreen Code.

The particleboard core of these panels is made from wood fiber sourced from certified, recycled, recovered, and/or controlled sources.

This G2S (good 2 sides) panel features a Sandalwood WF357 face and back. The light-medium grey Sandalwood taps into trends for overall warmth in interior color choices. Grey is both a classic and contemporary design element; the addition of subtle brown tones serves to heighten the visual impact and versatility of this design.

  • 100% recycled/recovered wood content
  • TFL is permanently bonded to the particleboard substrate
  • Medina Texture: a distinctive wide linear finish exhibiting a varying matt/gloss effect suitable for woodgrains and solid colors
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant