Prism WF208 Libretti TFL with InCopper P/B Core G2S Timberline Texture
TFL Woodgrains

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Arauco Prism thermally fused laminate (TFL) with InCopper™ antimicrobial technology offers built-in protection against mold and mildew. The proprietary InCopper agent is EPA-registered (number 93650) for its antimicrobial properties that protect the surface of PRISM TFL panels against mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria.

Prism TFL with InCopper is ideal for interiors where humid conditions or high traffic flow are likely to expose the surface of the panel to harmful microbes. Office spaces, healthcare facilities, restaurants, community centers, retail locations, schools, closets, bathrooms and locker rooms are a just a few fitting applications. (Note that Prism InCopper™ TFL panels should not be considered as a means to disinfect or sanitize for the purpose of providing health benefits or protecting human health.)

Ready to install vertically, horizontally or even diagonally, Prism is a colorful, thermally fused laminate brand that has real character with a designer-friendly focus. Reminiscent of wenge, Libretti is a very dark brown with black ticking. A straight grain, rift cut teak, this design looks super when installed both vertically and horizontally. An upscale recon look with some unique cross grain ticking gives this design a fresh change from simple linear woodgrains.

The Particleboard Ultra core of these panels is made from from wood fiber sourced from certified, recycled, recovered, and/or controlled sources. TFL is permanently bonded to the particleboard substrate.

Prism TFL complies with TSCA Title VI/CARB-2 and meets relevant green building standards including LEED, Green Globes, IgCC, and the CALGreen Code.

  • InCopper™ antimicrobial technology
  • Lifetime protection against mold and mildew
  • Timberline texture is a random linear finish that provides a genuineness to wood decors
  • Prism is 100% recycled/recovered wood content
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant
  • Panel size