Prism WF445 Sahalie Pine TFL P/B Core G2S Boreal 3/4" 49x97
TFL Woodgrains
MPN: TFL34SP2BO TFL34SP2BO MFG #: 5037445-WB0040

Prism TFL is ready to install vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. It's a colorful shift for commercial and residential casework/fixture fabrication, and architecturally-specified interiors.

The particleboard core of these panels is made from wood fiber sourced from certified, recycled, recovered, and/or controlled sources.

Prism TFL complies with TSCA Title VI/CARB-2 and meets relevant green building standards including LEED, Green Globes, IgCC, and the CALGreen Code.

Prism is a colorful, thermally fused laminate brand that has real character with a designer-friendly focus.

Warm Sahalie Pine has subtle brown undertones with an open and airy structure that allows for bold pairings with unicolors from the Accentz Series. Pines in the Cascada Series provide dimension without being overpowering.

  • 100% recycled/recovered wood content
  • TFL is permanently bonded to the particleboard substrate
  • Boreal texture is a tactile, striated, deep rich woodgrain
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant