Prism WF464 Urban TFL P/B Core G2S 3/4" 49x97
TFL & Painted HDF

Prism TFL is ready to install vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. It's a colorful shift for commercial and residential casework/fixture fabrication, and architecturally-specified interiors.

Prism TFL complies with TSCA Title VI/CARB-2 and meets relevant green building standards including LEED, Green Globes, IgCC, and the CALGreen Code.

Prism is a colorful, thermally fused laminate brand that has real character with a designer-friendly focus.

With a balance of straight grain and plain sawn cathedrals, Urban is a new teak works well as an oak alternative. A sanded structure and pigmented oil finish provide depth and texture. A delicate blend of white and grey, this soft and elegant woodgrain has a refined modern feel that works as both a stand-alone statement or a complement when paired with other woodgrain and solid color design features.

  • 100% recycled/recovered wood content
  • TFL is permanently bonded to the substrate
  • Boreal texture: a tactile, striated, deep rich woodgrain
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant