Giallo Evora J0791 FENIX NTM Laminate
Antimicrobial & Self Healing Laminate
MPN: P-J0791 P-J0791

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FENIX NTM is a technical and aesthetic answer to two interior design trends: smart materials and matt surfaces. With low light reflectivity, the FENIX surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

FENIX NTM is an excellent choice for kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and furniture. It can be used for both vertical and horizontal interior design applications.

Strolling around the ancient city of Evora, the yellow view of its typical houses enchants the streets under the daylight. Giallo Evora picks the tone of these Portuguese architectures, giving it the contemporary design intensity of FENIX low light reflectivity.

  • Visual comfort (low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface)
  • Soft touch and anti-fingerprint
  • Thermal healing of superficial microscratches
  • Can be machined with standard carpenter's tools
  • Design characteristics: contemporary design intensity
  • Grade