Bostitch Smooth Shank 35° Paper-Collated Metal Connector Nails (1-1/2" x 0.148)
Framing Nails
MPN: P-PTMC14815 P-PTMC14815

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Use 1.5" Strapshot™ paper-collated metal connector nails with Bostitch® tools F33PT, Strapshot™ MCN-150, and Strapshot™ MCN-250.

These nails feature a full round head, diamond point, and smooth shank.

Available options include Thickcoat Finish - good for ACQ applications!

  • Collated nails for metal connector applications
  • Full round head - Identified
  • Bend yield = 90,000 PSI
  • 35 Degree point angle
  • Nail diameter range: .148
  • Finish