Carolina Beaded Single 6-1/2" Beaded Brushed Siding
Vinyl Siding
MPN: P-38102 P-38102

Carolina Beaded™ Single 6-1/2" Beaded Brushed Siding is reproduced from authentic hand-crafted boards, providing an original impression.

The 6-1/2" beaded design features a distinct “V” groove and rounded bead. The deep "V" groove design creates a distinct shadow line between the face of the panel and the rounded bead.

The low gloss, brushed finish looks like freshly painted wood.

  • STUDfinder™ Installation System - designed for accurate and secure installation
  • Post-formed lock design helps provide secure installation
  • Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
  • 3/4" panel projection
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Color