CertainTeed Triple 3-1/3" Invisivent Soffit Vented

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This triple 3-1/3" InvisiVent Soffit comes from the CertainTeed Triple 3-1/3" Soffit product line in its Vinyl Carpentry Collection.

Triple 3 1/3" InvisiVent® soffit offers at least 50% more ventilation than most standard vinyl soffit, providing more than 10" of net-free intake area. This means that not only will Triple 3 1/3" InvisiVent provide a balanced ventilation system, but will do so with an overhang as short as 10".

The solid panel is an ideal solution for accent areas or where a vented panel is not necessary.

The flat face design creates a straighter panel with the look of smooth painted wood.

  • Low gloss, matte finish looks like freshly painted wood
  • InvisiVent panel is for soffit use only (Solid panel can be used for soffit or vertical application)
  • Can be applied 24" on-center
  • Heavy-duty .044" thickness for rigidity
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Color