Choice Brands Formica 689 Flammable Solvent Cleaner/Reducer
Cleaners and Removers
MPN: P-SIA6895 P-SIA6895

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689 Solvent is a clear solvent recommended for thinning and cleaning most extremely flammable contact adhesives. It can also be used for cleaning brushes, rollers, equipment parts and for flushing through spray lines and spray guns.

In thinning adhesive, add a small quantity of solvent while thoroughly mixing until the desired consistency is reached. Be careful not to add too much solvent and/or add solvent too fast.

In cleaning adhesive off substrates, DO NOT flood the area with solvent as it can work into seams and soften the adhesive and cause delaminating. Use a cloth that is saturated with solvent, but not dripping. Keep the solvent exposure to edges and seams of the lamination at a minimum to avoid softening the bond line.

  • Thinning & cleaning flammable contact adhesives
  • Fast drying
  • Contaminant free and non-ozone depleting
  • Base: Blend of Hydrocarbons & Ketones
  • Color: Water clear; Density: 6.36%; VOC: Like water; Weight: 6.41 lbs/gal
  • Size