Choice Brands Formica F-270B Flammable Spray Grade Contact Adhesive
MPN: P-F270BR54 P-F270BR54

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Formica partners with Choice Brands Adhesives to offer this low-VOC, sprayable, flammable contact adhesive. This adhesive meets regulations set forth by SCAQMD for low VOC contacts.

It has high strength and heat resistance.

Available in natural and red. The Formica F-270B / F-270BR is: CAL/SCAQMD Compliant (Rule 1168), OTC Compliant, Leed Compliant (EQ 3.2 Indoor Air Quality, EQ 4.4 - No urea Formaldehyde Added, EQ 4.1 Meets SCAQMD).

  • Low VOC
  • High strength and heat resistance
  • No urea formaldehyde added
  • Mist spray pattern eliminates telegraphing
  • Soft spray allows for greater control of pattern and application rates
  • Size