Birch WPF Rotary Cut B Sap/Ivory Paper Back Classic Core® 3/4" 4x8
Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is characterized by light tan to pale yellow sapwood with red to ruddy heart wood. The grain is tight and smooth with normal amounts of figure and other characteristics.

This panel features Columbia Forest Products' Classic Core, the industry’s leading name in combination (“combi”) core panel construction where cross bands of thin MDF are utilized in place of veneer cross bands in an otherwise domestic veneer core panel construction. This combination of MDF and veneer core provides a smoother, improved surface over softwood veneer core cross bands, reducing core telegraphing potential through the decorative wood face and back.

Classic Core constructions are also lighter in weight and superior screw holding over composite cores of equivalent thickness. These smooth combination panels are ideal for applications including furniture, cabinetry and fixtures.

  • Rotary cut: Peeling the entire log produces a continuous ribbon of veneer
  • Whole piece face (WPF): no "barber pole" effect or splice line issues
  • Classic Core (Veneer Core with MDF Crossbands)
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant