Maple Rotary Cut WPF A Sap/Uniboard Hardrock Maple 992 TFL Bk PB Core3/4" 49x97
TFL Woodgrains

Maple plywood is characterized by sapwood that varies from soft pinkish white to light yellow to light khaki in color. Its surface is smooth, tight, and dense. The heartwood ranges from dark brown to green to black.

This plywood features a Uniboard Hardrock Maple TFL back and a particleboard core.

  • 49 x 97 Maple melawood panel
  • G1S Maple with TFL back
  • Rotary cut: Peeling the entire log produces a continuous ribbon of veneer
  • Whole piece face: no "barber pole" effect or splice line issues
  • Can be pair-matched or set-matched for visual integrity