Cortex 2-1/2" Fastening System for Trex Transcend Decking
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Cortex Concealed Fastening System for Trex Decking is a fast and easy way to conceal fasteners and screw heads when installing Trex decking boards. The FastenMaster Cortex box includes everything needed, including screws, plugs and setting tools.

FastenMaster recommends installing with an 18 volt cordless impact drill.

How many fasteners are needed? For horizontal trim boards less than 12" wide, use two Cortex fasteners at every framing member - rafter tail or wall stud. The screws should be 16" OC or closer. For vertical trim boards (i.e., next to a door or a window), use two Cortex fasteners every 16" OC or closer. If a trim board is 12" or wider, use three screws. Each trim board must be fastened within two inches of the end of each board.

Note: Predrilling is not required throughout the majority of the project. Predrilling is required when fastening within 1/2" of the end of a board and at mitered joints. Use a 3/16" drill bit for predrilled pilot holes.

  • Choose from 2 sizes: 100 linear feet or 300 square feet of coverage
  • 100 Linear ft size includes (224) screws, (300) plugs, (2) setting tools; 300 sq ft size includes (1050) screws, (1200) plugs, (6) setting tools
  • Conceals fasteners for the entire deck, including first and last boards, breaker boards, perimeter and stairs
  • Plugs are made Trex deck boards, ensuring plugs match the decking
  • Conceals the heads of deck screws
  • Package quantity