Cool-Top White Acrylic Coating
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An elastomeric acrylic latex coating specially formulated to withstand the harsh elements that a roof must take. The brilliant white color reduces the sun’s rays and reduces the temperature inside the building. Use on mobile homes, factories, trailers, farms, homes. Water clean-up.

COVERAGE Metal (corrugated): 80 sq. ft./gal.; Mobile Home (metal): 100 sq. ft./gal.; RV’s (metal): 100 sq. ft./gal.; Concrete: 50 sq. ft./gal.; Bonded Tar and Gravel: 50 sq. ft./gal.; Foam, Brick: 50 sq. ft./gal.

  • Non-Asbestos
  • Ideal for coating aged galvanized and pre-painted metal, urethane, and polystyrene, aged aluminum coating, pre-cast concrete, flat and barrel cement tiles, rolled roofing,* built-up roofs,* modified bitumen,* bonded tar* and gravel,* ponded water conditions,* and most asphaltic surfaces
  • Can be sprayed, soft-bristle brushed, or short-nap rolled on
  • Size