Driving Bit for DP-50 and DP-75 Foundation System
Deck Foundations & Framing
MPN: DP1820 DP1820 MFG #: 1820

The Diamond Pier driving bit is a custom tool especially designed for driving the pins for the Diamond Pier foundation system.

The Diamond Pier driving bit is recommended for use with a standard breaker/demolition hammer. The driving bit has a 1-1/8" hex shaft.

NOTE: The bits are NOT to be used with, or as, a sledgehammer. Only automatic breaker/demolition hammers should be used to install the Diamond Pier pins.

Any standard automatic hammer that will handle a 1-1/8" hex shaft can be used, provided it can be properly and safely controlled by the operator and not risk injury or damage to the concrete head. Soft or loose soils will allow for the use of lighter lower-energy hammers. Stiff or dense soils will require electric hammers in the higher impact range or standard jackhammers driven by compressed air.

  • Made of cast iron steel for long life
  • Makes pin installation fast and easy
  • Easy to use with pin system
  • Reuseable product