DORUS-TECHNOMELT KS 351 Pellets/Granular Hotmelt Adhesive
Hot and Cold Press
MPN: KS351 KS351 MFG #: 7501068

DORUS-TECHNOMELT KS 351 is a medium-viscosity universal hotmelt adhesive for use with solid wood, veneer, melamine and polyester. Suitability for HPL, PVC, ABS and PP depends on the individual characteristics of the edging material and how it is primed.

This adhesive permits smooth surfaces even with very flexible edging materials and produces tight joints that are virtually not visible, with high final bond strength.

It is designed for edgebanding as from feedrates of 12 m/min.

Recommended working temperature is 180 to 200° C in the melting container and 190 to 200° C at the application roller.

  • Softforming even with difficult-to-bond profiles
  • Very good wetting, thermal resistance and heat resistance
  • Softening point, Ring & Ball: ~110 °C
  • Viscosity, Brookfield - 180 °C, mPa.s: ~140,000; Brookfield - 200 °C, mPa.s: ~75,000
  • Heat resistance ~90° C