DuPont Sill Pan
Flashing & Trim
MPN: SP SP MFG #: 20041343008456

Designed with an innovative two-piece assembly, DuPont™ Sill Pan adjusts to fit most window sill widths. Easy to install, DuPont™ Sill Pan provides a continuous shield against water infiltration – even in sill corners.

DuPont™ Sill Pan* is a translucent, molded polymer sill pan for flashing the base of windows. The innovative two-piece construction can be adjusted to fit most window sill widths, providing a continuous shield against water infiltration, even in sill corners.

  • Easy to install
  • Corner pieces are embossed with markings for quick and easy fastener placement
  • Two-piece design – adjustable to fit most windowsill widths; conforms to both shallow and deep window units
  • Bonds frozen surfaces
  • Can be installed at temperatures as low as 0-degrees F; will not rust or rot