Extrudex 3/4" Flexible J Channel
Vinyl Siding J-Channel

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Flex-J from Extrudex is a flexible j-channel that is ideal for the installation of round and arch top windows.

An enhanced design feature extends the semi-rigid 97 durometer material partially up both the Face and Nail Fin, allowing the Extrudex FleX-J to hold its shape around tight radii and thus reducing the possibility of deforming the 1″ face during installation.

Flex-J is the only flexible j-channel offered with “curled-over” top on the face side, providing the same professional finish found with rigid j-channels.

  • 3/4" j-channel
  • Offers a true 1" face
  • Designed from a combination of 97 and 80 Shore-A FPVC
  • Tapered 1.67" nailing fin ensures easy installation
  • Pretreated with UV inhibitor and fungicide
  • Color