FrameFAST Truss to Top Plate Tool
Drills & Bits

The FrameFAST Truss to Top Plate Tool attaches trusses and rafters to top plates. The high torque Milwaukee drill and patented delivery system makes installation quick and easy.

The FrameFAST system consists of the FrameFAST tool along with the FrameFAST structural wood screws. The FrameFAST screw is a code-compliant replacement screw for hurricane ties. The screw's fully threaded design provides superior uplift and lateral resistance. The color and distinct head design allow for easy inspection.

  • Attaches trusses and rafters to top plates without having to use a ladder
  • Quick and consistent installation- up to 8 times faster than traditional methods
  • No pneumatic nail guns or hoses needed
  • Adjustable alignment wings
  • Fastener can be driven flush or left proud for easy inspectability