3" Trio Deck Screw 1050 Ct
Deck Screws
MPN: FMTRD003-1050 FMTRD003-1050 MFG #: FMTRD003-1050

TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw has been designed to outperform standard deck screws in softwood decking such as pressure treated, cedar and redwood.

The Torx TTAP™ drive system offers unmatched stick-fit and wobble-free installation, virtually eliminating fastener stripping during installation or removal. A standard Torx 25 bit will also drive the fastener.

The ThruPOINT™ bores pilot hole during installation, eliminating the wedging effect and splitting caused by standard deck screws.

TRIO’s proprietary coating system delivers 2x better corrosion resistance in salt spray testing than standard deck screws and is UV resistant to eliminate fading over time. This coating also exceeds the performance of code-required ASTM A-153 galvanized fasteners.

  • Strip-out resistance
  • Anti-splitting resistance
  • Corrosion resistance