Form-A-Drain Vertical 90-deg L Fitting
Drainage & Waterproofing
MPN: P-VL906 P-VL906

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Use this Vertical 90 degree corner when installing Form-A-Drain to insure a precise form setup. Should there be a requirement for changes in elevation within the foundation plans, Form-A-Drain is adaptable through the use of Vertical 90 degree L Fittings. The flow of drainage remains continuous throughout the system.

Designed for basement applications, Form-A-Drain Plus consists of lineal sections installed as the foundation footing forms. Insert lineals into couplings, corners, or outlets to construct each side of the footing form.

The entire system stays in place permanently after completion of the concrete pour, shaving valuable time from the construction schedule; there’s no need for a crew to return the next day to remove, strip, clean and transport forms to the next jobsite.

  • Vertical L fitting
  • 90 degree corner
  • 8 per carton
  • Size