Formica Black 909 Laminate Grade 20
MPN: P-0090920 P-0090920

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The Formica® Laminate collection provides a solution for most applications, including doors, contract furniture and wall paneling. This Formica Black 909 Grade 20 laminate comes in a variety of finishes and sizes.

Grade 20 is a Vertical Postforming Grade (VPG). Outside and inside radii s/f to 1/2 in (12.7 mm). A forming grade designed for vertical or light duty horizontal interior applications requiring radiused edges. Thinner than Grade 12, it is excellent for postformed radii. Installed panel width not to exceed 24 in (609.6 mm) maximum.

For a premium finish for residential applications, choose Crystal, a small-scaled textured finish that imparts a brighter, more durable surface. Or choose the popular Matte finish for a warm, pleasing effect that enhances the beauty of color and produces a greater clarity and depth. Gloss finish is ideal for applications requiring maximum smoothness and reflectance.

Other options include MicroDot, a low-sheen finish with subtle, concave circles arranged in a tight grid formation. Natural Grain is an even textured woodgrain featuring a low luster, medium pore design. Pure Grain adds dimension and depth. Plex is versatile and impresses with its weaved textile feel, crisp touch and low gloss sheen.

Note that Sculpted and Woodbrush finishes are not recommended for heavy-duty horizontal applications, such as countertops. In Sculpted finish, horizontal lines meander across the laminate sheet in a slightly undulating fashion. Woodbrush is a linear or rift cut grain with subtle ticking that is a perfect compliment to modern straight grain woods.

  • Durable high pressure laminate stands up to daily wear
  • Resists fading, stains, chemicals and scratches
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Grade 20 - Vertical Postforming
  • Length