Formica Black Linework M3722 DecoMetal Solid Metal Laminate
Metal Laminate
MPN: M37228399|48|96 M37228399|48|96

DecoMetal® Laminate is real metal foil laminated to a phenolic core to combine the practicality of a high pressure laminate with the beauty of real metal. The phenolic back prevents creasing and allows for improved adhesion to substrates.

DecoMetal® Laminate and solid metals deliver lustrous color and sheen with textures reflecting energy, modernity and a feel for craftsmanship. Perfect for adding flair to light duty horizontal or vertical applications: walls, furniture, retail fixtures, signage, exhibits and displays.

Grade 83 includes DecoMetal solid metals and solid metal strips: Solid aluminum sheet with anodized finish in various designs. Etched finishes in various scales are coated in enhanced polymers. Engineered for vertical and light-duty horizontal interior applications.

Black Linework M3722 features a popular blackened effect, with precision strokes. The Linework Series is finely detailed with undulating vertical line weights, suggestive of ribbed panels.

  • Durable and wear resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Designed for interior light-duty applications such as walls, furniture, retail fixtures, signage, exhibits/displays
  • Grade 83: Solid aluminum sheet with anodized finish
  • 0.025 in (0.7 mm) Thick