Formica Chestnut Woodline 5884 Fire-Rated Compact Structural Laminate
Compact Laminate
MPN: 05884F158|60|96 05884F158|60|96

Versatile, practical and beautiful, Formica® Compact is a structural, two-sided laminate that provides endless creative possibilities for fixtures and furniture in commercial, institutional & hospitality settings. Formica® Compact has high strength, impact, water and humidity resistance and can be routed to create different shapes and forms.

Grade F1 is a Fire-rated Compact Structural Laminate Grade two-sided decorative panel with black core, recommended for horizontal and vertical interior applications.

The Matte finish imparts a warm, pleasing effect that enhances the beauty of color and produces a greater clarity and depth.

  • Durable high pressure laminate stands up to daily wear
  • Resists fading, stains, chemicals and scratches
  • Excellent dimensional stability and mechanical strength