IdealEdge® Fantasy Marble 9302 Ogee Profile
Decorative Edging
MPN: P-09302OG P-09302OG

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Eliminate the flat edges and brown seams traditionally associated with laminate surfaces with IdealEdge® Decorative Edging. IdealEdge® mimics the contemporary look often found on more expensive stones, granites and quartzes.

IdealEdge® Fantasy Marble 9302 Ogee Profile is available in Scovato finish.

A shapely sculpted edge with a decorative look, the Ogee Edge is especially well suited to stone, granite and woodgrain patterns, giving countertops and tables the same elegant finish as more expensive materials.

Scovato is a lightly-textured, smooth to the touch surface with a low gloss visual.

  • Say goodbye to "brown lines" forever
  • Achieve a finished edge on all sides
  • Great for countertops, islands and work tables
  • Suitable for curved, clipped or 90-degree edges
  • Size