Efficiency Poplar BB/BB NAF Veneer Core
Imported Hardwood Plywood

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This lightweight panel from Garnica is composed entirely of European sustainable plantation poplar. At approximately 55 lbs per 3/4" x 48.5" x 96.5" panel, it is up to 25% lighter than domestically produced hardwood plywood.

Competitively priced for a range of applications, its stability, surface quality and ease of machining make it useful for the marine and construction industries, furniture production, decorative purposes and more. This grade BB panel is especially ideal for painting and laminating.

The ultra smooth poplar core veneers offer exceptional surface quality and uniform finishing results. The rotary cut whole piece poplar face & back veneers are 1.0 mm thick before sanding, 40% + thicker than typical domestic face veneers.

Balanced panel construction with premium single piece core veneers provides for exceptional bond quality, flatness and machining properties. The core veneers are dried to 6%-8% moisture content in mechanical dryers prior to panel assembly.

Made from poplar sourced from fast-growing plantations in Spain and France, this panel is a sustainable choice.

  • BB Face/BB back all poplar hardwood plywood
  • Great layup/painting substrate
  • Good alternative to Russian Birch
  • Up to 25% lighter than most other 18 mm plywood products
  • NAF (No added formaldehyde)
  • Panel size